As guitar amplifiers go, the 2203 is the very essence of simplicity – it’s a one channel amp with no reverb or built-in effects and its all-valve design produces a sound that, as Mike Doyle so aptly describes in his excellent ‘The History of Marshall’ book, is "crunchier than a lorry running over a hedgehog!"

The Pinkburst JCM 800 Half Stack is a unique spin on one of the most revered gitar amplifiers ever built.

Serial Numbers:
Head: 2203-MP-8 | M-2010-27-0599-2
Cabinet: 1960A-MP-H | M-2010-26-0201-0

Special Thanks To:
Steve Hill: Completion of all amps and cabinets
Stuart Hendy, Chris Saunders: Baffles
Graham Cox: Woodwork
Mick Goodyear, Terry Jefferies, and Shawn Forbes: Custom Covering
Amp Chassis assembled and hand wired by Maria Young and Cathy Peters
All the items are covered in Marshalls Pink Tolex
Marshall Art Pinkburst graphics designed by Sylvia Barker
Project Manager: Danny Thomas

Visit Marshall's web site.

Custom Tolex provided by Harley Hoffman at Kayline Industries.

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