In 1958, Gibson changed the top finish on the regular Les Paul model from the gold color used since 1952 to the Sunburst finish already being used on Gibson's archtop acoustic and hollow electric guitars such as the J-45 model. This model started to be produced from 58 to 60 and in 61 was modified into what is today known as the Gibson SG. Only 2,000 of these early models were made. These Sunburst-finished guitars were later referred to as Les Paul Standards to differentiate them from the earlier Goldtop. The hardware specification was the same as that of the '57 Goldtop, featuring PAF humbucker pickups with some models carrying the Bigsby vibrato tailpiece along with the tune-o-matic bridge. Today, the Gibson Les Paul Standard has BurstBucker pickups on the Vintage Original Spec models and Burstbucker Pro on the lower end models bearing the 'Standard' name.

Serial Number: CS 31712

Gibson's participation in The Pinkburst Project was the result of a collaborative effort with many individuals. Here is a list of the individuals who had an integral part in the production process:

Ernie King
Doug Culberson
Sean Nicholson
Mick McGuire
Patrick Keeter
Steve Stewart

Special Thanks to Steve Christmas.

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