The Elitist line was manufactured by Epiphone in Japan, and was marketed as high quality counterpoints to many of Gibsonís American made models present and past. With Gibson-manfactured pickups and components, long neck tenons, solid maple tops and vintage style hardware, many guitar afficionados maintain that the Epiphone Elitist line was in every way comparable in fit, finish and quality as American Gibson guitars.

This Pinkburst Epiphone Elitist Jay Jay French Signature model Les Paul Standard personifies the care and quality that went into the Elitist model Epiphones. These guitars are getting harder to come by for a reason - the quality of these guitars speaks for itself.

And this is your chance to get a great guitar with its own spot in Twisted Sister's history - this particular Les Paul is Jay Jay French's personal guitar, and has been played on stage throughout the world by Jay Jay himself.

Serial No.: F501786

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