Gibson has always been a guitar maker steeped in tradition. So, after revolutionizing the guitar world with the solidbody Les Paul model in the 1950s, Gibson made a bold return to its roots by offering an electric guitar that encompassed the benefits of a solidbody guitar, but in the image of an acoustic archtop.

The Pinkburst Gibson ES-335 bears all the trappings of Jay Jay French's Pinkburst Les Paul, most notably the distinctive Pinkburst finish. This guitar must be seen and played to be believed.

Serial Number: A-38092

Gibson's participation in The Pinkburst Project was the result of a collaborative effort with many individuals. Here is a list of the individuals who had an integral part in the production process:

Ernie King
Doug Culberson
Sean Nicholson
Mick McGuire
Patrick Keeter
Steve Stewart

Special Thanks to Lou Vito and Steve Christmas.

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